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Engineering & Energy Firm

Aria Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplined Architectural, Engineering and Energy firm. With a focus on integrated design our work products speak for itself: efficient, practical, sustainable, cost effective. Simply put, we are a firm that places high emphasis on quality and service, employs cutting edge design practices while maintaining cost efficient methods, and utilizes sustainable elements that provide our clients with the highest quality designs.


While Aria continues to grow, our core values remain unchanged - a commitment to excellence, a commitment to leadership, and a commitment to achieving results. At the heart of our values lies the one core principle that will continue to fuel our growth as it has since our inception - Partnership. This principle drives us to pursue our clients’ visions with proven expertise, a positive outlook, and a proactive approach. It also means understanding the value of collaboration and the importance of leadership. A good partner is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, done well and done right.



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Aria specializes in designing hotels and smart buildings. Whether it is a large or a small project, an executive-level Principal-in-Charge leads a multi-disciplinary Aria team of architects to deliver fully integrated consultancy services from conception and thru handing over of the project. Our principal hospitality architect has designed some of the finest hotels providing elegance, clarity, and memorable imagery for brands such as Grand Hyatt, Andaz, Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency, Millennium Knickerbocker, and J.W. Marriott, which can be found in India, Brazil, Colombia, China, and the United States.




Our research team accelerates the introduction of energy-efficient building technologies. A highly efficient building uses roughly 60% to 70% less energy than an average building. Through continual improvement in building envelope design, efficient materials, and the incorporation of smart technologies, buildings can meet this target.


Infrastructure Planning for Transportation


Aria provides unique skills in developing solutions to infrastructure challenges in energy and transportation, from leading innovative “smart grid” solutions, to helping guide a world-class regional transportation authority. We put our singular experience at your disposal. We understand that buildings and the people who use them do not exist in isolation but rather are part of interconnected systems. This integration helps drive our creativity.




Aria brings a depth of resources and experience to the project goals of its clients, as well as the ability to balance design considerations with cost and timing constraints. With an integrated, multi-discipline in-house team, Aria designs cost-efficient, sustainable, and technical solutions for buildings, building systems, and site infrastructure. With its expertise in highly technical facilities, Aria applies the latest analytical tools and techniques, coupled with energy modeling capabilities. Aria offers comprehensive engineering services, including energy modeling, civil, structural, plumbing, and fire protection.

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Smart Buildings


Aria leverages innovative expertise and the synergy of architecture, engineering, and planning to create appropriate responses to today’s challenges. Our smart building design efforts, for example, are leavened with insights from developing Illinois Institute of Technology's US Department of Energy-funded "Smart Home" laboratory, to increase energy efficiency for both cost and sustainability reasons. 



"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci    


Our Philosophy


Simplify. A more complex world requires both higher standards and specific solutions. The answer is not more complexity, it is more clarity, and more focus. One size doesn't fit all.


Aria offers the highest-quality architectural, interior design, engineering, planning, and consulting services specifically to the hospitality sectors as well as those owners who are willing to have a smart building. 


Our Focus


Aria’s goal is to provide our clients with high quality customer service and value driven architecture and engineering. We strive to provide a level of personal attention and service that exceeds that offered by larger firms at consistently lower pricing. Our engineering and consulting services are delivered on-time and within budget, the key to the success of any project.



Our Team


We have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals who fully espouse this culture and actively promote the advancement of innovative designs. Aria promotes continuing education programs for the professional staff, disseminating information to peers and clients, and attending meetings and symposia, so that our resources, designs, and philosophy remain on the cutting edge of technology and provide a foundation for sustainable growth for the firm.

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